Sustaining business growth over time means successfully navigating inevitable organizational challenges.

Many business owners don’t have the professional expertise to plan and execute changes in management, organizational structure, business processes, procedures and accountability, cash flow, or financing. You may also require support to confidently leverage non-organic growth strategies such as mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Strategic Response is your solution.

We bring big-company, real-world organizational management experience to small and mid-sized business owners.

We’re creative, easy to work with,
and highly budget conscious.


You are a business owner thinking about leadership succession but concerned about missteps and the transition possibly having a negative impact on the business.

  • We help you ensure a successful transition to the next generation of management.
  • We’ll map a plan to the eventual transition and identify the steps you should take now and along the way.
  • We will work with you throughout the implementation process to ensure success.


You’re concerned that your business may be functioning at a less than optimal level because of organizational or personnel issues.

  • We will develop a roadmap for restructuring or reconfiguring your organization for maximum growth and employee/staff performance and accountability.
  • We can develop a coaching scenario for your staff, helping them adopt different approaches to the way they do their jobs.


You’re insecure about your company’s ability to successfully accommodate current and future growth.

  • We can assess whether your current business processes, systems, and procedures are adequate to handle the anticipated growth and recommend improvements.
  • We can evaluate whether your current management team members are capable of handling the growth challenge.


Your business is successful, but you’re constantly short of cash.

  • We help you to clearly understand how the cash is utilized throughout your organization.
  • We help you to anticipate your cash and working capital requirements for the upcoming business cycle.
  • We can analyze which customers/products/service offerings produce the bulk of your profits, and how to use this intelligence to proactively improve your margin structure, cash flow, and market share.


Formal and comprehensive business plans provide the foundation for all key decisions.

  • We will help you create a professional business plan that will serve as a template for making key decisions and developing strategies to achieve profitable growth.
  • We can assess your performance in comparison to key competitors.
  • We can help identify additional untapped business opportunities.


You are seeking funding to support growth initiatives.

  • We will work with you to develop persuasive pitches and presentations for prospective investors or lenders, including how they will earn an adequate return on their investment.
  • We can develop and document a plan on how the new capital will be deployed within your firm.
  • We can develop metrics to measure and demonstrate the impact and success of the investment.


You are thinking about selling your company but want to ensure you get the highest possible value and need a plan to make it as marketable as possible.

  • We identify red flags and necessary improvements prior to meeting with prospective buyers.
  • We help you to understand and prioritize the most important steps to increase the value of the business.

Mergers, Acquisitions,
& Partnerships

You are looking at ways other than organic growth to increase your size, scale or reach and gain market share over competitors.

  • We can help assess your target’s value and negotiate a fair purchase price.
  • We are experts in M&A due diligence, helping you to understand and navigate the contractual elements of the transaction.
  • We will build a plan for seamlessly integrating the purchase into your current operations.